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Toxic Pull - Teacher's Pack

Toxic Pull started life as a conversation ... in fact it started life as a lot of conversations. In March 2011, in a short conversation, the term Toxic Pull became the concept for a new musical ... a musical unlike any other musical ever attempted! One in which the young people caught up in the situation would shape it, edit it and perform it. The process culminated in a series of live productions in the summer of 2013.

These Resources have been developed to be used in any way you wish ... a basis for discussion, to carry out your own production or just to learn about the care system. We recommend that you also watch the LAC Respect video which deals with issues that looked after children face in education.

Toxic Pull was funded by the Youth Music Open Programme

These materials are free for you to view and download. If you find them useful and would like to support Chatback please make a donation. This will help us to continue raising awareness of issues around being looked after.