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Know the Signs (2015)

Know the Signs

This short film is aimed at health professionals in particular GP's. It shows how to spot the covert signs that a young person visiting their GP may be a victim of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

View and download the film.

Do You See Me? (2015)

Do You See Me opening screen This short film can be used to raise awareness about trafficking children. Primarily made for the hotel industry, It shows the staff employed in the hotel industry, how to recognise and know what to do if they suspect children are being trafficked on their premises. It is a very powerful film and will save lives.

View and download the film.

Anybody's Child (2014)

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Chatback's eighth project tackles the issue of sexual exploitation, exposing the vulnerability of children and the dangers of sexual exploitation and trafficking. It focuses on real life safeguarding lessons, showing how to recognise the dangers and 'Break the Chain', helping young people to understand and identify:

  • How did this happen?
  • Where do I go for support?
  • Who will listen to me?
  • How do I stop it?
  • What happens next...?

It aims to help them understand and recognise how to stay safe and make the right choices.

The Chatback crew identified this subject as a real issue almost a year ago, during one of the weekly workshops. This was because of current intensive local and national media coverage which prompted them to speak about their own personal stories and that of others (friends and siblings), and the fear that this could happen to them.

Chatback has made 5 x 3 minute films telling the story from the perspective of a school girl from a family just like yours and how, if we miss the signs, it can lead to sexual exploitation and the devastating effects this has.

Our film examines the issues, showing how this can happen to any child including yours! It's in the news a lot now, but are we really listening? Our film will give you a wake up call.

Everyone should be aware of the dangers of sexual exploitation and know the signs. We can all play a part in protecting children.

The film was showcased at a grand premiere in October.

The film will be distributed via schools nationally and other venues such as youth clubs, PTA meetings etc. and will be available to download from January 2015.

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View and download the whole film

The Toxic Pull

Select the image to see a larger view of the rehearsals for 'Toxic Pull' Select the image to see a larger view of the rehearsals for 'Toxic Pull' Chatback's seventh successful project was a musical. This emotive, site specific production allowed the participants and audience to consider the care system from its most dangerous perspective: the toxic pull between the looked after child and the biological parent.

The Toxic Pull was executed in just 6 performances to small groups of senior Council Officers, foster carers and the general public. It took place at the end of July at Netherton Arts Centre and received brilliant feedback. The audience was very much part of the production as it was performed in the intimate setting of under the stage.

Here are some of the comments received:

'Very powerful and absorbing..'

'Very poignant and real...'

'Mix of humour and sadness. Mindblowing. Perfect delivery.'

Chatback has produced a teacher's pack which includes the script, video clips, sound effects, lyrics and teachers notes.

Toxic Pull was funded by the Youth Music Open Programme

LAC Respect (2012)

Select the image to see a larger view of the Chatback Members rehearsing for 'LAC Respect' LAC Respect, Chatback's sixth project is a short film aimed at teachers. It addresses the stigma and stereotypical misconception of looked after children, who have experienced trauma, and how this affects their education and social functioning.

The Chatback crew tell teachers the real issues they face at school. 'Experts' such as educational and clinical psychologists, a social worker and a foster carer explain why LAC react and behave the way they do and suggest to teachers how they can better support them.

More information and Download the film...

Let Me Fly(2)

Select the image to see a larger view of Chatback members rehearsing for 'Let Me Fly(2)' Orange Grove Foster Care asked Chatback to perform Let Me Fly at their AGM in 2011. This funny and realistic drama attempted to explain the success of Chatback, why it was created and why it is so important to the young people involved in it.

Handle With Care (2010)

Select the image to see a larger view of the 'Handle With Care' Logo This was the biggest project so far - a featurette film focusing on young people suffering from the devastating effects of living in a family in crisis. The young people of Chatback wanted to tackle the subject of domestic abuse that has affected them all one way or another. This is not a film solely about domestic violence but a story about resilience and survival. The author Jacqueline Wilson described it as 'an extraordinary film- hard hitting, imaginative and darkly funny'.
Watch the trailer and download the film
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The Child in the Equation (2009)

Select the image to see a larger view of Chatback members rehearsing for 'The Child in the Equation'A drama presentation which looks at the impact of domestic abuse on young people, who are often forgotten in domestic abuse cases. A very powerful and real story.

Let Me Fly

Select this image to see a larger view of Chatback members rehearsing for 'Let Me Fly' Chatback was asked to perform at the West Midlands Regional Conference in Birmingham (2008), the Fostering Network Annual Conference in London (2009) and The Black Country Museum (2009). The Group developed and performed a drama which tells the story of why they needed to make the Fostering Reality DVD.

Fostering Reality (2007)

A larger image will open in a new window A DVD which tells the story of four fictional young people in four very real situations. It shows how Looked After Children struggle to cope with situations most of us take for granted. It focuses on bullying, running away, trust and what happens when things go wrong. It has clear messages to other young people in similar situations and to all who work within Children's Services. Download the film..